Connecticut Mortgage Blog

Changes to FHA Loans Coming in September

The HUD is introducing a new underwriting handbook, which will be effective September 14, 2015. Find out how the handbook’s policy changes will affect FHA loans.

Easy Tips to Lower Your Utility Bills

It’s easy to spend extra on utilities without even thinking about it. Here are some painless tips to save you some cash.

Housing Market Trends: Or, Why I Stopped Renting and Bought a Home

The latest news on housing market trends and why buying a home is more affordable than renting.

Good Faith Estimates: What to Expect When You’re Borrowing

Learn about Good Faith Estimates, how to read them properly, and what else you should consider.

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

In the age of real estate websites, it might be tempting to buy or sell a home yourself; however, a good real estate agent can still save you time, worry, and money, and is well worth the investment.

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