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Mortgages and the Fed’s Interest Rate Announcement

The Fed recently announced that it would be holding record-low interest rates steady. What does this mean for mortgages both now and in the future?

How to Establish Credit When You Don’t Have Any

Establishing credit can be a frustrating process. After all, how can you ever get good credit if no one will lend to you without it?

Fall Housing Market Update

Despite some unpleasant news from the stock market, here’s one sign of a healthy U.S. economy: an increasingly strong housing market.

Some of the Best Home-Related Instagram Feeds

You can spend hours looking at great home-related Instagram feeds. Here are some of the best design, architecture, and DIY pages around.

New Mortgage Forms Make Shopping for a Mortgage Easier

New mortgage lending forms and rules go into effect on October 1. These changes are designed to make it easier for buyers to comparison shop.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

When you’re renting, you don’t often find the perfect house or apartment. You usually have to give something up—often, it’s space. Here’s how to make the most of the space you have.

Home Renovations That Aren’t Worth Your Time or Money

It may seem like any renovations to your home will magically increase its value. But that isn’t true—some updates just aren’t worth doing.

Tips for a Welcoming Front Entrance

The front entrance of your home is the first thing people see when they come to visit. Is yours up to the task of making a good impression?

Affordable Home Technology

There is always new technology that can save you money and make your life at home easier. Here are some exciting (and affordable) new gadgets to consider adding to your home.

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