2015 Landscaping Trends

When the spring comes after a long winter, it’s often fun to do some maintenance and updating in your yard. But it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what updates to make to your landscape.

2015’s landscape trends include building a useful outdoor entertainment area, creating a more natural landscape, and planting a vegetable garden. Read on for things to think about as you revitalize your yard this spring.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

The industry for outdoor entertainment areas is growing steadily, a marked shift from the idea that a yard is primarily a place for its owners to relax. Yards are quickly becoming an extension of people’s homes, and there’s no reason they can’t be as comfortable as living rooms. Particularly in smaller homes, a functional outdoor space is a necessity for those who frequently entertain.

What elements are popular in an outdoor entertainment space? Fire pits and fireplaces, increased lighting, and even televisions and kitchens, for those who are really serious about their entertaining. A key thing to remember is that you’ll need plenty of seating, so think about incorporating various kinds: chairs, beanbags, and outdoor cushions made from sturdy fabrics are all good choices. Also, remember to have some covered seating.

Natural Landscapes

Natural landscapes are quickly becoming popular. This kind of landscape is the opposite of a traditional, manicured one. A natural landscape’s main beauty comes from its native plants, and one of its benefits is that it often attracts wildlife. Such a landscape also increases plant diversity, and plants tend to thrive because they are in their indigenous habitat.

Natural landscapes are often more eco-friendly than traditional ones. This is primary because they use less water. Some owners even allow their yards to go “wild” by introducing grasses and flowers that are meant to look more like a prairie than a freshly mowed lawn. These types of plants often require very little water. Other popular sustainable design elements include permeable paving, rain collecting systems, and water-efficient irrigation.

Additionally, think about incorporating some natural stone into your landscape. River rock, slate, limestone, quarry stone, and flagstone can add interest and texture to an otherwise bland yard. Combined with the right plants, natural stone makes a great statement. In addition to being beautiful, it is solid and will last for a long time.

Vegetable Gardening

People have been growing vegetables for centuries, but gardening is something that is slowly becoming more popular, particularly among the younger generation. People can be amateur farmers and get all of the benefits that come with growing their own food. Those who don’t have the space for a traditional garden can create compact planters that utilize their window space or outdoor patios and decks.

And don’t be shy about adding flowers to your edible garden! There’s no reason you can’t add the beauty of flowers to an otherwise practical garden. You can also install plants like violets and daffodils, which attract butterflies, and yarrow and hyssop to attract bees. And a bird bath (birds prefer shallow water) can bring the birds in.

Photo by Field Outdoor Spaces

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