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Eight Housewarming Gifts Under $50

Buying a housewarming gift doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. We’ve scoured the Net and found eight housewarming gifts under $50.

Ever Wondered What it Costs to Buy a House? Find Out in These 27 US Cities

Have you ever wondered how much you need to make to afford buying a home? Well, wonder no more! has calculated the base salary needed to afford for home in 27 of America’s top cities.

Save Money and Time with this How-To Guide on Xeriscaping your Yard

Xeriscaping your yard is a great way to save time and money while still having a yard that leaves people green with envy. Check out this awesome how-to guide to Xeriscaping your yard!

A Quick Step-by-Step How-To Guide: Selling and Buying Simultaneously

Selling and buying simultaneously isn’t necessarily a difficult task, and this step-by-step how-to guide will help guide you through the process.

2014 Home Renovations with the Best ROI

Every year, puts out an annual Cost vs. Value report on the top home renovations with the biggest payout (as well as a list of the ones to avoid).

5 Easy Ways to Transform Unused Yard Space

Everybody has that section of their yard they have no idea what to do with. Finding unique and eye-catching ways to jazz up and enjoy these unsightly areas is a great way to not only enjoy a weekend outside, but also see the immediate transformation of an otherwise unsightly space.

5 Different Mobile Apps for Home Buyers

Mobile apps for home buyers are old news by now, but there are some really useful apps that are more than just homes for sale. Check out these 5 fun mobile apps for home buyers.

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Home

With more and more emphasis on instant gratification, it’s no wonder that overzealous home buyers fall in love with a perceived dream home they know little to nothing about. Don’t fall into this trap! Here are questions to consider before making the big decision to buy.

Mortgage Applications Down, Home Sales Up… What’s Going on Here?

On one hand, we’re told increasing mortgage rates are pushing mortgage applications down, and on the other we’re told the housing market is improving. Let’s stop the presses and take a look at the bigger picture to get a good idea of where the current market really is.

The Evil Debt Collectors Who Went Too Far and the People Who Fought Back

Imagine a scenario with me. You’re sitting at lunch, your phone rings and you answer it. BAM! It’s a debt collector. You thought you’d paid that debt so you’re unsure why they’re calling. Can they do this? What rights do you have as a consumer?

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