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Survive Your Relationship: Home Buying Edition

Here are some practical tips for couples looking to purchase a house and keep the bickering to a minimum.

To fix it or to adjust it?

Fixed rate mortgages hold steady while adjustable rate mortgages are variable. Find out what loan category is best for you and your home loan needs.

Buy Smart: What to Look for in an Investment Property

Real estate is a great way to invest your money, but knowing just where and what kind of property to buy can be tricky.

Are You Covered?

What is covered in your homeowner’s insurance? Check out your policy to see how much coverage you really have and what exclusions may apply.

To HOA or not to HOA

What is an HOA and what are the benefits and drawbacks of being a part of one? What should you consider when buying a home with an HOA fee?

Myths about Homeownership Keeping You from Buying?

Recent studies show that although most potential homebuyers think they’re well informed about the ins and outs of home buying, in reality, their knowledge is seriously lacking.

I Keep Hearing “This Loan Insured By,” What Does It Mean?

Without the invention of mortgage insurance, people with less than 20 percent down probably wouldn’t be able to purchase a home, period. Find out what it is and why it’s needed.

Mortgage 101: Understanding Your Debt-To-Income (DTI) Ratio

One of the most important acronyms in the mortgage and real estate industry is DTI (Debt-To-Income). Learn what DTI is, and why it’s important in determining how much mortgage financing you might receive.

Eight Housewarming Gifts Under $50

Buying a housewarming gift doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. We’ve scoured the Net and found eight housewarming gifts under $50.

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